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Child support is a court-ordered obligation intended to help pay for the upkeep and support of a child. As a result, it is not intended as a "reward" to the custodial parent or a "punishment" for the non-custodial parent; rather, child support is a parent's obligation owed to their child. Consequently, child support is not optional. Failure to pay child support according to the dictates of the court constitutes contempt and is punishable by wage garnishment, suspension of your driver's license, asset seizure, even jail. At the Law Office of Donald P. Bebereia, we assist clients throughout Orange County in child support matters. Whether your case involves a divorce, paternity proceeding, legal separation or post-divorce dispute, we can help.

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Child Support in California
A father or mother's obligation to pay child support is properly considered after a calculation is performed in accordance with California's Statewide Minimum Child Support Guidelines. Although judges have the discretion in limited circumstances to deviate from the child support guidelines, such deviations are generally looked upon with disfavor by the California courts, and as such are rare. Additionally, in cases where illness or job loss has significantly affected a custodial or non-custodial parent's income, the court may modify child support payments for an unspecified amount of time. As your family law attorney, Mr. Bebereia can prepare and file a child support modification request to ensure you avoid a contempt of court charge.

To fully protect your financial rights and interests, it is always wise to retain a family law attorney who can gather financial information on your behalf and perform an accurate calculation of child support using the child support guidelines. Our firm has handled family law matters and child support calculations for clients in Orange County for the past 32 years.

As a Certified family law specialist, attorney Donald P. Bebereia has extensive knowledge and experience of California's child support laws. Mr. Bebereia works closely with clients to provide candid and helpful advice throughout the duration of their case. Mr. Bebereia handles child support matters in divorce, legal separations, paternity proceedings and child support modification proceedings.

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