Carmel Valley Car Accident Lawyer Takes Seat Belt Case

It can take a lifetime for some people to realize how short our lives really are.

Life is about the little moments that flash before our eyes. Some moments happen every single day, like making coffee for your partner, or dropping the kids off at school. And some moments happen once in a lifetime, like the birth of a child, or the death of a relative.

“No matter how many times you do something. There will come a day when you do it for the last time.”

— Sam Harris

Death is something almost no one wants to talk about. And it is with absolute certainty that every single living person will one day die. 

Over the past 160 years, life expectancy (from birth) in the United States has risen from 39.4 years in 1860, to 78.9 years in 2020.


There are many ways to die. There are also many ways to avoid death, which Gene Stone and Dr. Michael Greger literally wrote a book about, “How Not to Die”. The New York Times best-selling book was co-authored by a physician and the founder of, detailing ways in which nutrition and lifestyle improvements and adjustments can prevent or treat leading causes of death more effectively than pharmaceutical or surgical methods.

The book suggests that Western health and medicine are more effective at treating illness than preventing it. Metaphorically, the importance of prevention can be said about other causes of death.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that “seat belts reduce serious crash-related injuries and deaths by about half”. Wearing a seat belt is the most effective way to reduce the risk of death or injury in the event of a collision. Unfortunately, there have been several fatal car accidents involving those who did not wear seat belts.

In California, It was reported that a Dodge crashed into a Porshe that was turning onto Carmel Valley. “The Dodge driver was not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from his car during the crash, said CHP. The Dodge driver died of their injuries. The 70-year-old Carmel resident driving the Porsche spun out of control but suffered no injuries, said CHP. They were wearing their seatbelt.”

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However, wearing a seat belt does not guarantee safety. Car accidents have several causes that can leave victims with injuries, as mentioned at These injuries can be devastating and life-altering, which may sometimes be difficult to evidently prove without legal and medical aid. Even the most legitimate personal injury claims can require extensive investigations and litigation in order for victims to receive the remedies they deserve.

Whether you drive frequently or infrequently, always remember to wear your seatbelt. A common misconception about seat belts is that short trips do not require as much precaution. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that “most traffic-related deaths happen within 25 miles from your house and at speeds less than 40 mph.” Securing a seat belt may seem like a small chore to some, but it can literally be a lifesaver.