Plan B

When it comes to the dissolution of a marriage, the couple typically has only a few options available to them. Divorce court is the far more well-known option and involves the representatives of each person in the relationship arguing for their interests before a judge.

Alternatives to divorce court are less publicized, but still valid (and are, in many cases, highly preferable to a normal litigated divorce). These options include annulment, which wipes out the legal history of a marriage but has a very selective criteria for circumstances that allow standing, and mediation, which involves a neutral third party working with the couple to distribute assets and work out the legal questions regarding custody and child support.

Mediation is a far more inclusive option than annulment, and is one of the most effective ways couples who are still amicable can dissolve their legal relationship. Finding a solid divorce mediator can reduce the chances of discussions breaking down and leading to the more contentious litigated divorce.

Finding one such mediator can be daunting, but it’s well worth the time and extra resources put into the effort. For our southern California readers, we believe one of the best options in the area is McNamee Mediations, a local Santa Ana firm that’s been providing family law services for 20 years.

The firm has extensive experience with every type of case imaginable, and the results speak for themselves. Here are some excerpts from their user reviews on Yelp:

“If you are deciding to enter mediation, I truly believe it will only work out if both you and your ex have the right mindset: that compromise IS a win. If you both have that mindset, you’re already on the road to surviving a really tough time.

We interviewed a number of mediators by phone and Colleen stood out specifically for her experience in the field. One other major reason for choosing mediation is so that you are able to be creative about all of the details of the resolution. Colleen was able to bring creativity and calm to a stressful process, only amplified by COVID! I’m very relieved to share that we were able to complete our process this week. Give Colleen a call. “

Andrea P.
Read Jennifer B.‘s review of McNamee Mediations on Yelp

“As much as I wish I didn’t have to write a review for these services… Colleen has been nothing short of a miracle worker.  I have been going through a painful and messy divorce but I am so thankful for Colleen’s understanding, kind nature and expertise to make a difficult situation at least tolerable.  She is completely fair and I appreciate that she will call me out when I’m being unreasonable and can get me to look at things from another perspective while also feeling like she’s on my side.  I had doubts that we could come to any agreement without having to go through lawyers and an ugly court battle but she was able to do just that.  I highly recommend her services – don’t go anywhere else!”

Christina C.

If you are planning on ending your marriage, but don’t want to go through the ugliness of traditional divorce court, give McNamee Mediations a call. They’ll provide a workable solution that leaves all parties satisfied with the dissolution of the relationship.

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