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Marriage is a tricky business. In fact, some people believe this in a literal sense—that marriage is nothing more than a contractual agreement. Regardless of your personal views on marriage, it can either be the best or worst experience of your life. One needs to be prepared for every scenario, including divorce—especially when children are involved. Did you know that over twenty million American children live with a single parent? This is why you need to equip yourself with the best custody attorney possible if you have children and are seeking a divorce.

The divorce process begins with a petition filed by either party in the marriage. This is then filed in court, outlining crucial information regarding properties, child support, or child custody. Once this petition is drawn, it has to be served to the other spouse. After this, the date of separation is established and during this time you and your spouse are not legally allowed to sell property, take children out of the country or the state, or borrow on the properties you own. After the court confirmation, the divorce will be final. However, if there are issues such as that of child custody, then the period can extend to allow for settlement to be reached between you and your spouse, or by the court on behalf of you and your spouse.

Almost all divorce & family law cases concern child custody issues. If this situation has arisen for you, Shuff Law Firm has some of the best lawyers who practice Divorce & Family Law in Orange County.

In a sole custody arrangement, the children live with one parent. However, the other parent may have the right to visit. This usually happens when the parents want stability for their children by allowing one parent to take care of them physically. This may also be the case when one parent lives far away. It is also common when one parent wants sole custody because the other party is unfit for custody. They will have to prove in the court why the other parent should not have custody. This can cause many complications, prolonging the process. For those seeking to hire an excellent custody attorney in Santa Ana, Shuff Law Firm will fight for the best interests of you and your children.

In joint physical custody, spouses will share custody of the children. However, the parents themselves have to figure out how they want to share their time with their children. For example, the mother can be with them during the weekdays while the father takes care of them on the weekends. Of course, if you can’t decide, then the court may intervene and set up a schedule for you.

Divorce and family law cases can be long and messy. This article is not legal advice. This is why we strongly recommend that you consult with a custody attorney to make the entire process easier. You can give Shuff Law Firm a call to book an appointment today.

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