A Frugal Divorce

Many frugal couples who have found that they are not meant to be with one another have a difficult decision to make: how are we going to go about separating without losing all our money to some devious lawyers? The justice system incentivizes divorce litigators to stretch the process out for as long as possible, draining as much money from the couple as possible before finally spitting them out with far less than what they came in with.

Many couples who simply don’t want to be married to one another and not gauge out the other during the separation process run into similar issues. Luckily for them, there are alternatives to divorce litigation that don’t require either prohibitive expense or burning the relationship down to the ground.

Mediation, the primary alternative, involves the use of a neutral third party to facilitate discussion and assist in the allocation of assets and assistance in the aftermath of a divorce. Rather than benefiting from greater levels of mistrust and strife, the mediator is incentivized to provide an equitable solution to both parties that leaves them satisfied.

If you’re a frugal couple looking for Orange County divorce mediation services to avoid a costly and damaging divorce, look into McNamee Mediations. As one of the best reviewed firms in the field, McNamee has provided hundreds of couples just like you with a peaceful and prosperous post-married life.

Here’s a sample of just a few of the reviews on their Yelp page:

“I called Coleen McNamee because I needed info on mediating my separation/divorce. Sadly during our initial conversation we realized she was unable to help me because of the county my court is in. She doesn’t service that area. She was kind, considerate, understanding and an all around good human! I do wish I could have worked w her because of how knowledgeable and pleasant she was. She answered all my questions even after she knew she wouldn’t be able to get my business!

Even though I couldn’t work w her…I wanted to give a great review because I feel she’d be a great asset if you’re going through a miserable time & need support!”

Cathy R., Yelp Review
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“Colleen made what was already a very emotional experience far easier with her genuinely caring and attentive style. She put me at ease within the first 10 minutes at our initial meeting. She explained everything thoroughly, diligently followed up on pending items, and was always open, clear and quick to respond to any questions. Not only did she provide sound advice and suggestions, she also provided helpful referrals for other professionals who’ve been a wonderful help in navigating this process. 

I’m thankful we went the mediation route and avoided additional time, cost and tensions, and I’m especially thankful it was with Colleen. Her professionalism, warmth and accessibility made what could have been a daunting experience feel manageable. She helped us reach a fair and mutually beneficial agreement quickly and in the most positive and pleasant atmosphere possible. I highly recommend her to those considering mediation services in the Orange County area.”

A L. Yelp Review

Make sure the end of your marriage isn’t the end of both your lives by seeking out McNamee Mediations. Your hard-earned money will be safe in both your hands by the end of the process.

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