Employees Are Back to Driving to Work

The popularity of technology startup work culture combined with pandemic safety protocols has accelerated the adoption of remote work. Social distancing and wearing masks have become part of our daily lives. Work from home culture has also become the new normal. People can now work from home, thanks to digital forms of communication and collaboration.

Slowly and steadily, offices are reopening. Companies are demanding that their workforce return back to regular work. However, work from home culture has become part of our daily lives and this sudden change has not been received with excitement. Many professionals have realized that working from home allows them to save time and energy that they would have spent on commuting, putting that towards self-care or time with loved ones.

Employees have certainly benefited from this work-from-home culture. In a recent Bloomberg article, more than a third of the respondents said they save at least $5,000 per year by working remotely; much of this comes from saving on commuting and transportation. In addition, people have been able to more easily balance their work lives and personal lives. Instead of only having time on the weekends or during small windows of time between dinner and bedtime on weekdays, household chores can be completed during lunch breaks. This provides many people with a great sense of relief. Parents have also been able to save on childcare costs.

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Moreover, many people are scared of their non-vaccinated colleagues. The resistance to returning to work is strong. 39% of millennials and 49% of GenZ are thinking of quitting their jobs if the employers are not considerate about remote work. 

However, some industries don’t benefit from remote work. Much of Generation X are not comfortable with working from home, preferring more physical separation between their office environment and home environment. Although the year of the pandemic proved to many that work can be done from almost anywhere, as long as there is a proper internet connection, many people believe the office provides a space for the necessity of physical collaboration.

There are many industries that simply cannot operate digitally. For instance, restaurants need their cooks to be physically present to prepare meals. In addition, most of their revenue comes from patrons dining in. As such, the roads will soon be returning to their usual levels of traffic. Many are avoiding public transportation and opting to purchase cars, due to social distancing concerns. With new drivers on the road and experienced drivers returning to the road, accidents are bound to happen. If you find yourself in a car accident, it is important to hire an experienced Poway Attorney to fight for your remedies. Car accidents can be physically and emotionally traumatic, which can cause some victims to settle for less than what they deserve. The best Accident Lawyers will make sure that their clients get the right amount of compensation from the insurance companies. They advise their clients to make valid claims for compensation from the case as well as from their insurance companies.