Know Your Rights And Fight For Your Compensation After A Car Accident

A car accident can be very traumatic, regardless of whether or not you have been gravely injured. Car accidents can occur due to the negligence of the driver or, at times, the sudden mechanical failure of the vehicle. If you have the victim of a car accident, you deserve to be compensated. This article discusses several important considerations.

  1. Inform the police: As soon as the accident happens, parties involved should call for the police to visit the accident site and make a report. Delayed information can be used to go against the victim when filing for and seeking compensation.
  2. Both parties should move aside but remain at the site: It is imperative that both drivers are present at the scene of a car accident when the police arrive to take notes. The injured person should move to the side of the road and ask the other party to wait. The gravity of the situation and injury can then be assessed.
  3. Witnesses are crucial: Road accidents often have eyewitnesses. Having the contact information of witnesses can be helpful in the future follow-up of the case and for testimony.
  4. Get medical aid: After the preliminary investigation is over, the victim should try and get medical aid immediately. Sometimes, an injury may only be detected superficially, without considering the possibility of internal impact, like a broken bone or torn ligament.
  5. Contact the insurance company: Accident claims can be filed by the victim, especially if you have an insurance plan.
  6. Keep all bills: Bills of expenses incurred due to the accident like hospital bills, medication, therapist fees, and others necessary to substantiate the claim are strong proofs in a court of law in case of a dispute.
  7. Get a good auto accident lawyer: Every individual should safeguard their own interest. The sooner you begin the legal procedures, the better, as the entire process takes time before compensation will be received. For those in San Diego, it is best to hire a reputable and experienced auto accident lawyer in Rancho Bernardo like Christopher Villasenor who is well versed in fighting for the best outcome for the client.
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After an accident, a medical examination should be done as early as possible to understand the actual condition of the injury. In case of serious injuries, where hospitalization is needed, the expenses are covered by most of the health insurance policies. A doctor’s certificate aids in strengthening the claim case. The injured should call the insurance company within 7 days of the accident, as later claims may lose their eligibility. 

While insurance companies may try to underplay the issue to shell out the smallest compensation package possible, a good lawyer can help the victim to claim on all aspects including physical, emotional, and mental trauma; inconvenience caused to the family, and financial losses accrued in case of hospitalization.

This article is not legal advice; it is best to contact an attorney. Car accidents in San Diego happen every year and it is up to every individual to hire the best lawyer to fight for their rights and compensation. You can give Villasenor Law Offices a call today.

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